Parks: I still love you. We all need you.


I am proud and humbled to be honored today by California State Parks Foundation with the Grassroots Champion award at Park Advocacy Day. They asked me to write a blog about why park equity matters to me.

When I was a kid, my local park was my second home. I perfected my jump shot and gooooooooooal celebration there. I tried to look cool waiting for the girl I liked to walk home from school through the park. I tested my gardening skills in our park. I even studied physics and engineering as I built and destroyed a ton of creations in the park. I needed the park. I loved the park. I still love parks.

This fondness for parks is what took me to my job as the Executive Director of the LA Neighborhood Trust (Neighborhood Land Trust).

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust Team

I wanted to fight for low-income kids of color who loved and needed parks just as much as I did when I was a kid. This desire is also what led me to fight for Prop 68 when it was on the California ballot last year.

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Tamika Butler