Why LA’s public design matters: An interview with Christopher Hawthorne, the city’s first chief design officer

March 2018

"I think my work has shown a concern for these issues that dates back to my arrival at the Times in 2004. One thing I tried to make clear in the piece I wrote announcing that I was leaving is how much I admire the approach taken by Tamika Butler, executive director of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust. It involves beginning any public-design project by listening to residents and finding out what their most pressing needs and hopes are. Sometimes she learns a park is last thing they need—and she’s okay with that."



Planning While Black: How cities can design for all

October 2016

"As a civil rights lawyer who is now Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Tamika Butler has spent years working on transportation equity issues. And much of that work is rooted in her experiences as the “black queer kid” in her mostly white, mostly straight Nebraska high school. “I couldn’t figure out why all the black kids were sitting together in the cafeteria,” she says."


Queer, Black, Cyclist, Activist: The Inspiring Journey of Tamika Butler

July 2017


Tamika Butler Is on an Inclusive Mobility Mission in L.A.

September 2016

Tamika Butler is a relative newcomer to bike advocacy. When she became Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s executive director in 2014, it was her first role in the field. But her work around infrastructure and equity in L.A. County has made a big impression nationally — a fact highlighted by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals’ recent announcement that Butler was their 2016 Nonprofit-Sector Professional of the Year.

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Urban Planning, Police Brutality and Communities of Color

June 2017

Tamika Butler on the importance of making connections.